Thursday, May 5, 2011

Please, oh please..... how do you answer comments to posts?

They say we turn into our parents. "They" are right.  My mother still doesn't know how to operate her DVD player, its purpose is dust collector. Movies? Not so much. So.....

I thought I was fairly competent with the internet and computers. No, I cannot write code or anything. But I can at least turn the thing on and off and can even defrag. And have managed to start a blog, even.  So, someone please tell me how do you answer comments from a post directly. Is there a way to do this?  Or will I have to go to each ones profile page and send an email that way?  Seems like it should be easier. I could possibly be making this more difficult that it is.

Since my coin quilt made it on the May banner at Stash Manicure, Sew We Quilt I have had lots of wonderful comments that I would love to respond too. And also more followers!  Yeah!

Can anyone give a girl a clue?  Anyone?


  1. I have all comments sent to my email so that I can answer them straight from there. You need to go into your dashboard and click on Settings. Next click on the tab Comments. Go to the bottom of the page to where it says Comment Notification Email and type your email in there. Then click on Save Settings. This will have all the comments sent directly to your email and you can answer them from there. Easy peasy!

  2. Stray Stitches has it right and said it while I was typing! I respond to my comments this way too. Sometimes there is a comment from a no-reply person. In that case, I leave my response as a comment on my blog and sometimes I leave a comment in response on their blog.


  3. thank you ladies! I think I got it now. Wow, what a relief! I suppose there is no way to go back on previous posts?

  4. Thank you Rhanda for asking this questions!! I was wondering myself how these delightful bloggers answer me so quickly when I comment on a post!!! I now can be on board!!
    ♥ Eileen

  5. Hi Rhanda! It is so cool that we live in the same city! I'm gonna follow you now! I also had struggled trying to figure this out but got it just as your first commenter advised. It sounds as if you have set yourself up by now so good for you! Let's get together before summer hits, k?