Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Glue. Sew. Press. Cut. Sew. Press. Cut. Sew. Press. Cut. Sew. Press. Cut.

I guess you get the idea, these are the steps in paper piecing.  Still working on my "Stepping Stones" Judi Niemeyer quilt. Please. Remind me why I chose to make a king size one. Anyway, I am slowly sewing away on these blocks. I have until June 2nd to get the quilt top done (the due date for Sarah Fielke's, Naked Bed Challenge).  I hope I can make it. I have 36 more blocks to go. Then I'll have to put it all together. I need to buckle down. 

blocks for "Stepping Stones"

more blocks for "Stepping Stones"
These are some of the blocks that I have pieced. I moved my dining room table underneath the stairs so that I could get a good photo. I spread them out, to ensure that I had enough color variety, before I started on the last 36. There are 3 different smaller blocks,  (J, K, L). I'll combine the three to make one larger block.  The rotation of each bigger block will vary from above. Plus there will be black sashing between the columns.

Two weeks and counting...................


  1. You can do it! Just think of the final result!


  2. oh, boy! I do love the Judy Niemeyer patterns. I'm almost finished with a Glacier Star.

    A king size Stepping Stones! Wow. Yeah, that's a lot of paper piecing. I have a Stepping Stones project, too. Not sure how big I'll go, though I have enough papers for a queen size. Luckily, I am not worried about when I finish, so I only do a few "stones" per month. You can do it, though! Just think of how gorgeous it will be when you're finished.

  3. Beautiful work! I enjoyed reading your blog. Where are you from in Texas? I went to high school in Dallas.


  4. Rhanda how are you? Are you getting this? I have a question for you. Please respond!


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