Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Quilt Show 2010

I have been in a mad rush to finish my Christmas gifts as I am leaving for Texas in 2 days!  Here are 3 of the goodies I am going to give to  3 of my very special cousins! 

I am also participating in SewCalGal's Christmas Quilt Show. There are many gorgeous things to see. Go take a look!

Pattern is from Majestic Splendor ... Got the kit from here.
 Edit:  The pattern design is from a company called Mount Redbout designs, their Majestic Splendor line.

The apron even has 2 pockets! 

The picture is  crooked. oops.

Here is the link to SewCalGal's site.  Enter your christmas pretties, too! 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Spring Sampler Quilt in progress

 I have been sewing in my hotel room.  See! 

I had precut the sashing pieces and cornerstones at home, and sewed them together here in Dubai. I wish I would have brought the setting triangles with me....I could have finished the quilt top!  But, no, there they sit on my cutting table at home.  I got the pattern from the online shop hop.  I really liked the pattern, but now... not so much. It wasn't really fun to put together and I am not totally happy with my choice of sashing color. The good news?  I used everything from my stash, except for the white, dotty background.. This quilt is planned for the 10 year old granddaughter of one of my cousins. I hope she likes it.

Today I plan to work on the finishing details of my dinosaur quilt that I am making for my nephew, adding buttons, stitching 'mouths', etc. Hopefully, can show a progress photo tomorrow.


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Please let me win! please.

Yes, another GO! giveaway.  Surely, THIS is the one.

Please go to this lovely blog, Lavender Ridge, and enter.

Good luck!

View from my hotel room... Dubai skyline

Ignore the sand/dirt on the hotel window...

I live in the Middle East.  In a country most people (that I know of) have never heard of... Oman.  Not to be confused with city of Amman which is in Jordan.

So, to review...   Oman = a country, Amman = a city. 

My mother has an interesting story about telling the two apart..... let's just say she is geographically challenged also.

Anyway, my husband and I drove the 4 hours to Dubai yesterday. He has a conference here all next week.  So, I brought my sewing machine.  You see I am going back to the United States for Thanksgiving and am bringing back lots of homemade gifts.  And, um,  I need to finish them.  This will require lots of late nights. 

I'll post pics of my works in progress later in the week.  Now, time for lunch...