Sunday, November 7, 2010

View from my hotel room... Dubai skyline

Ignore the sand/dirt on the hotel window...

I live in the Middle East.  In a country most people (that I know of) have never heard of... Oman.  Not to be confused with city of Amman which is in Jordan.

So, to review...   Oman = a country, Amman = a city. 

My mother has an interesting story about telling the two apart..... let's just say she is geographically challenged also.

Anyway, my husband and I drove the 4 hours to Dubai yesterday. He has a conference here all next week.  So, I brought my sewing machine.  You see I am going back to the United States for Thanksgiving and am bringing back lots of homemade gifts.  And, um,  I need to finish them.  This will require lots of late nights. 

I'll post pics of my works in progress later in the week.  Now, time for lunch...


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  1. Wow! They're not afraid to go high there, are they. What a wonderful skyline. I'm not reading in the right order, because I already saw your spring quilt and the dino's. You are being very productive. Lane