Monday, January 3, 2011

Blogging and Quilting: Goals and Aspirations...

Isn't that just a catchy, make you want to read title? Am I creative or what?  ;-)  It will get better, it has too. 

But, since it is the beginning of the year and I am a relatively new blogger, I felt this was a good opportunity to evaluate my goals.

1. weekly postings
2. better pictures of quilts
3. more pictures of my process
4. write a tutorial? I have an apron idea using some charm squares.
5. offer a give away after getting 10 followers?
6. really evaluate purpose of my blog- personal journal? or something more?

1. complete at least one quilt per month
2. make a scrap lap size quilt
3. more to follow!

Okay, for now this is it.  Please know that this is a work in process.
Thanks for reading!



  1. Great goals! New years is such a nice time to stop and reflect. Good luck with your aspirations.

  2. Ok, so it is May but you will get this in your inbox now! You have 20 followers now (me being the 20th!) so where is that giveaway? Not that I have EVER won ANYTHING but I keep trying!